Can My Child Play? The Questions We Should Have Asked


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While Jordan was in the University of Maryland’s Shock Trauma Center, fighting for his life those two weeks from complications of a heat related injury, Tonya and I couldn’t stop asking ourselves, as parents, what did we miss? What questions didn’t we ask to keep Jordan safe? If we didn’t know these questions, how many other parents don’t know what questions to ask? There were several questions that we didn’t ask, not because we didn’t care to know: the simple fact is that we didn’t know the right questions to ask regarding the safety and well-being of our only son. We assumed as well as trusted—as so many parents of student athletes in America do when we let our student athletes play at the youth, high school, and collegiate sports level of competition.

Through our experience of losing a child to a completely preventable injury, this book will not only educate but empower every parent, coach, and student athlete who reads it. Readers will be educated on the signs and symptoms of heat related injuries, player safety 101, and questions to ask all coaches to keep your child safe while they are playing any sport at all competition levels. “We never want another parent to feel what we felt losing Jordan.”


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