34 NCAA student athletes have died of heat related injuries or illnesses since 2000.

146 student athletes have died between 2015 and January 2023.

Approximately 84% of student athlete deaths were at the high school level.


KOBY Student Athlete of the Year 2023

Ra-is Booth is a 3 sport student athlete (swimming, lacrosse and football) in Baltimore. He constantly steps up to volunteer and is a disciplined, prompt, intelligent and productive leader within his school, community and among his teammates. Ra-is is an illustration of consistency for younger student athletes to model. He is an example of trust and character building among his teams while excelling in the classroom and on the field. His positive attitude exceeds expectations and exemplifies the principles of Courage, Confidence and Self-Advocacy.

Our Mission

The Jordan McNair Foundation’s goal is to diminish the number of heat related deaths that occur in student athletes. The foundation also sponsors programs aimed at community involvement and engagement.

The Can My Child Play Conversations

Watch our series on youth sports safety, featuring speakers from our partner organizations.


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