Marty McNair Testifies Before the U.S. Senate

The Jordan McNair Foundation's very own Marty McNair testified on Thursday, June 17 as a witness for the NCAA Student Athletes and NIL Rights Bill. He spoke to the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation in support of adding a Health and Safety component to the bill.... Read More

One-year Anniversary of Northern Kentucky High School Athlete’s Death Brings Change

A year ago Wednesday, life was different for a Northern Kentucky family. They had two young, active boys. Read More

College Athletes to Senate: Standardize Athlete Compensation

The NCAA said it’s in the process of changing its rules to allow athletes to profit off endorsements. So college athletes came to Capitol Hill Thursday to seek uniform standards for college athlete compensation. Read More

Announcing the Winner of the “Paws’n to Save Student Athletes” Photo Contest

Thank you to everyone for supporting The Jordan McNair Foundation's "Paws'n to Save Student Athletes" doggie photo contest over the past two months.... Read More

Jordan McNair Foundation’s Sports Clinic

Marty McNair, the father of Jordan McNair and Founder of The Jordan McNair Foundation, talks about the foundation's 2021 Health & Wellness Sports Clinic. Read More

Chesapeake Family Life Interview with Marty McNair

Marty McNair and Dr. Rod Walters are joining us to discuss the upcoming Health and Wellness Clinic and how to keep kids safe this summer. Read More

Shell N Tell Podcast with Marty McNair of the Jordan McNair Foundation

Listen in on this week's Shell N Tell as @TerpsBSpert Ryan sits down to talk with Marty McNair in a long-awaited discussion. They talk developments in the McNair foundation. The new partnership with University of Maryland. Laws in coming up with Jordan's name and life lessons from the tragedy. Read More

Bill Named After Jordan McNair Seeks to Improve Player Safety, and Financially Empower Student-Athletes

WDVM reports: On April 8th, the Maryland General Assembly passed Senate Bill 0439 (SB 439), or better known as the Jordan McNair Safe and Fair Play Act; sending it to Governor Hogan’s office for his signature. Read More

Podcast: Protecting Student Athletes and the Mission of Marty McNair

From Baltimore Positive: The tragedy of his son’s death three years in College Park has made Marty McNair an advocate for kids who play sports everywhere. The latest work of The Jordan McNair Foundation and what the Safe And Fair Play Act in Annapolis means for the financial security of families who send their kids to play ball. Read More

Testudo Times Podcast: Marty McNair Discusses Jordan McNair Safe and Fair Play Act

The father of late Maryland football player Jordan McNair sheds light on the work of the Jordan McNair Foundation. Read More