Meet Our First KOBY Ambassadors

The Jordan McNair Foundation's Student Athlete Self Advocacy Campaign is Keep On Believing In Yourself. Our first KOBY Ambassadors represent all ages and sports. Thanks to Evan, Jack, Ava and Symone: great job representing KOBY!... Read More

Emergency Action Planning: Preparing EVERYONE for the Unexpected

USCAH and the Jordan McNair Foundation present this webinar to educate all stakeholders on the importance of developing and rehearsing an emergency action plan.... Read More

Cool First Transport Second Inflatable Cold Water Tubs

Preventive Preparation Sports LLC is introducing The Cool First Transport Second Solo Inflatable Ice Tub for better athlete protection. Read More

Marty McNair Teaches Heat-Related Injury Prevention in South Fulton, GA

The South Fulton City Council said the Johnny Tolbert Ordinance, named after the 12-year-old football player who died in a heat-related emergency in 2016, mandates coaches in South Fulton youth sports programs receive heat-related training.... Read More

Using a Cold Water Tub

No words are needed to show you how simple it is to set up a cold water tub for your student athlete's practices and games.... Read More

Bringing the Essentials to Practices and Games

Ice, towels, coolers, and cold water tubs can help keep your student athlete safe as the hot weather arrives.... Read More

Cool First, Transport Second

Cold water tubs are an invaluable tool for keeping your student athlete safe. And don't forget the ice.... Read More

More Questions to Know to Protect Your Student Athlete

It's getting hot your child participates in sports this summer, make sure the coaches are prepared for medical emergencies.... Read More

Bring Ice to Practice and Games

Bring cold water and ice to your student athlete's practices and games. This simple precaution can help your child and other athletes in the event of an emergency.... Read More

What to Know During Peak Injury Season

Rest, hydration, and communication are key to avoiding injury during athletic activities.... Read More