Cool First Transport Second Inflatable Cold Water Tubs

Preventive Preparation Sports LLC is introducing The Cool First Transport Second Solo Inflatable Ice Tub for better athlete protection.

The company is rolling out two sizes – The Solo Tub (66″ L x 35″W x 15.”H) which comfortably holds larger and taller athletes which holds up to 90 gallons of water filled. The Team Tub (61″ Diameter x 27.5″ Deep).  The Team Tub can hold larger athletes and up to 3-4 people.  It holds approximately 106 gallons of water.

In addition to serving as excellent solutions for on-the-road events, the tubs are ideal for expanding training room facilities more easily when social distancing is necessary.

Designed with portability in mind, they feature a rechargeable air pump (with adapters) for quick and easy inflation and a mesh carry case. The Solo Tub is only 18 pounds, while the Team Tub is 20 pounds.

They can hold cold water for post-workout and post-game ice downs. They can also serve as additional cooldown stations for major events such as marathons, 5Ks or summer camp practices where heat stroke is a factor, and a cooling bath may be necessary to quickly lower body temperatures.

“Instead of costly tubs that are stationary, The Cool First Transport SecondTM inflatable ice tub provides the convenience and value of being able to be easily transported and simple to set up,” Founder of the Jordan McNair Foundation. “With tighter athletic department and athletic training budgets — and increased expectations for athlete care – these tubs can be a valuable tool.”

Cool First Transport Second TM inflatable ice tub is also easy to store for road trips or in athletic training rooms where space is a premium.

“This tub can go to any offsite games while traveling,” added McNair. “It can also provide a way to space out ice baths to avoid social distancing issues, especially when relying on another team’s equipment or when multiple teams have access to athletic training facilities.”

After losing his son Jordan McNair an offensive lineman at The University of Maryland in 2018 from complications of a heat related injury, Marty McNair saw the significance of a cold- water tub for larger athletes mainly lineman who were above 6’2 and 300 plus pounds. The manufacturers of the stationary tubs that are animal feeding troughs have been dually used as cold- water tubs for student athletes. These tub manufacturers had no interest in the safety and prevention of this type of injury “so I decided to manufacturer our own tub” with the phrase everyone should know concerning this type of injury “Cool First Transport Second ™”.  The Cool First Transport Second ™ is a purpose made inflatable tub for cold water immersion which is practical, safe and delivers effective recovery.  These inflatable ice tubs can be used by professional and amateur athletes from all over the world in all sports.

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