Our Programs

The Jordan McNair Foundation’s goal is to diminish the number of heat related deaths that occur in student athletes. In addition to our goal, we sponsor programs aimed at community involvement and engagement. See a list of our programs below…

➕ My Body, My Safety: Player Safety 101

My Body, My Safety was established to educate student athletes, parents, and team players on heat-related illnesses. Through this program we will:

  • Partner with medical professionals to educate student athletes about their bodies and how to know when enough is enough
  • Educate students on heat-related illnesses and the stages of heatstroke
  • Sponsor forums, events, and panel discussions to facilitate discussions around player safety from little league to the collegiate level

➕ Breaking Chains/the Jordan McNair Training Facility

Breaking Chains/the Jordan McNair Training Facility is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where youth and young adults can develop and enhance their athletic, educational, and artistic talents through elite training and coaching.

Beginning in the fall of 2018, the facility will provide individuals ages 5 – 24 with mentoring, teaching, and tutoring in order to increase opportunities towards college and future careers.

The training facility is open to individuals 18 and over. All users MUST complete a waiver upon entering the facility. The cost of admission is $15/ per session. Proceeds will benefit the Jordan McNair Foundation.

The facility is located at 1212 E. 25th Street, Baltimore, MD. Questions? Please email thejordanmcnairfoundation@gmail.com.

➕ The Jordan McNair Scholarship Fund

Jordan loved sports and he also excelled academically. The goal of the Jordan McNair Scholarship Fund is to provide access to education to deserving students who have been admitted to Jordan’s alma mater the McDonogh School and are in need of tuition assistance.