July 24: Seminar on Preventing Exertional Heat Stroke

The Jordan McNair Foundation is coming to Richmond, Va. this month to hold a seminar on preventing exertional heat stroke.

Come to Gold’s Gym, South Laburnum Avenue, Richmond, Va. at 11:00 a.m. on July 24 to take part. Watch this video to learn more: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=846902826204156

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    Suzan Kaye Swan
    July 14, 2021 (12:27 am)

    hello, is this seminar going to be a virtual on line zoom video conference so other that can not make the trip and see the conference where ever they are?

    My name is Suzan K Swan, I am the grandmother of Hunter Midkiff #56, a junior lineman at Piggott highschool home of the Mohawks. Last summer on the ir first day of school scheduled football practice collapsed on Monday 8.10.2020 and later dies on 8.125.2020 from an external heat stroke . This could have and should have been prevented on this event of this tragic accident.; Our hears and souls are deeply hurt and for rt now aI am we are not OK, we are going through the motions from day to day s. We are still in a numb state of how this could happen in a town of 3k + people and it took our only grandchild 16 years old from us . As his grandmother I am working diligently to make sure this does not happen to another child from their family .
    I have been work hard to raise money for the Hunter Midkiff #56 Memorial Scholarship Foundation . Last year by selling bracelets, and buttons/magnets that had his picture on it we were able to get off to a good start and raised $1500.00 Plus other organizations at the school have made donations as well. My goal now is to make sure all 8 schools in our 3A conference get the WBGT tool and an portable immersion tub . We are still looking and asking for donations to help raise or get donated these items.l this seminar is very important and would benefit our students, parents and coaching staff to be present when this seminar takes place . Please have someone contact me ASAP to inform me how this can transpire on our end. thank you for your time in this matter,

    Suzan K Swan
    Hunter Midkiff’s #56 NONNIE
    also if there are ways you can help me obtain any donations of the WBGT and the portable immersion ( horse troughs is what they are called -that rum $89.00 each and we will need 8 total ) of either one or both of these items I would great;y appreciate any guidance or information of who to contact for help this would greatly be helpful . I am working on getting our local John Deere place to donate a mower and or tractor mower of some type to be raffled off to help raise more money for the foundation
    Please let me know something as soon as you can
    very much appreciated ,

    Suzan K Swan
    821 S. 12th Ave
    Piggott, Ar 72454

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    Martin McNair
    July 15, 2021 (10:11 am)

    Hi Suzan, we know your family’s story well. I’ve called your number a few times leaving a message each time.Please feel to call me at 443-676-7150.
    Best, Marty McNair